Book 2 in the Jacques Forêt series of mystery novels is on the way!  

 Beginning a few months after Messandrierre, Merle takes Jacques into the murky world of commercial sabotage.  A place where people lie and misrepresent and where information is traded and used as a threat.  But who is behind it all... and why?  And the story begins...

la fête des morts

It was the tightly scrunched ball of paper that captured the attention of Magistrate Bruno Pelletier. His trained eyes swept around the room, only glancing at the naked body in the bath, and came to rest once more on the ivory white sphere, challenging and silent against the solid plain porcelain of the tiles. He stepped over the large pool of dried blood, iron red against the white of the floor, and with gloved hands he retrieved the object. Carefully prising the paper back into its customary rectangular, shape he stared at the contents and frowned as he read and re-read the single six-word sentence thereon. After a moment, he dropped it into an evidence bag being held open for him by the pathologist.
all hallows’ eve, 2009 

Merle is due out in 2017.


My novel, set in the Cévennes and featuring , Jacques Forêt, is now available in both e-format and print.  Follow the links.

Forthcoming Titles

The second Jacques Forêt story, also set in the Cévennes, will be available in 2017.

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